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  • Company Profile

    Sinozonkai Investment (Group) Co., Ltd., formerly known as Shanghai Yundong Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., was established more than 20 years ago. Adhering to the principle of “People-oriented and Compatriots-concerned”, it has developed to a group company involving domains of construction, real estate, mining, environment, communication, new material, new energy, biologics and investment. In the spirit of “Integrity, Innovation, Pragmatism and Progress ,Sinozonkai has been striving to create its own century-old brand. It has been insisting on the path of seeking progress in stability while making the company better bigger and stronger.

    President Speech

    We uphold the spirit of Chinese traditional culture. With the title of “Sinozonkai”, we inherit the the spirit of “follow the nature of things and harmony arises; love people universally and happiness spreads” as company tenet.

    As ancient Chinese philosophers’ wisdom goes, one should “know about things thoroughly and things are achieved; extensively confer benefits on people; be united with one heart and one mind with the community; respect work and enjoy company,;benefit mankind with reasonable philosophy and pursue eternity”.

    Shouldering the expectations and trust of the people, we are well aware of our social responsibilities and historical mission. Bearing in mind the ancient precept that “when mankind is morally decent, natural resources are at their service for the well-being of the people and the harmony of the society.”, we worship commitment, credibility and kindness. We honor honesty and morality, and we follow the path that “to love universally and selflessly” to do our utmost to strengthen the country, enrich the people and prosper the nation.

    Laozi, an ancient philosopher, taught us “Taoism lasts long” and Zhuangzi, another great philosopher once said “It takes time to create a beautiful thing”. The latter also preached that “prevailing virtue comes from constant renewal and great cause is achieved by possessing abundant things.

    To do well, to be strong and to be sustainable is the ultimate pursuit of Sinozonkai. Sinozonkai is doing an eternal cause! Sinozonkai is promised with a bright future!


    Organization Structure


    Company Qualifications