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  • Biothbenifit Suzhou Biologic Technology Co., Ltd.

    Publish Time:2019-05-14


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    Biothbenifit Suzhou Biologic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to serving the Chinese public with cutting-edge health products around the world, focusing on high-tech bio-health products. Breaking market barriers, strictly selecting top-level products, and taking "safe and effective" as the standard, we will carry out meticulous craftsmanship into every aspect of R&D, production and sales, and pursue a series of health products with no toxic side effects and exact effects.

    Biothbenifit is composed of senior teams who have been deeply involved in China's medical health research and marketing for decades.

    We utilize unparalleled industry resource advantages to connect with top experts, scholars and R&D institutions in the global biotechnology field, and invest in a large number of painstaking investigations and research on the global health product sales market to provide the most safe, effective, convenient and practical cost-effective health products for the Chinese public.

    China is a country of large population while of shortage of high-quality medical resources. So we are formed with a sense of mission and love. Biothbenifit Suzhou Biologic Technology Co., Ltd. Is a company determined to introduce, develop and produce healthy product with high frequency demand for the Chinese public in the hope to make some efforts to improve the life quality of Chinese people.

    R&D system 

    The R&D system of Biothbenifit is led by top foreign scientists, working closely with outstanding foreign researchers and teams, and creating its own R&D team.


    Bent Seychelles School of Life Sciences - an affiliate of Uppsala College

    (The birthplace of global protein separation analysis technology, the birthplace

    of agarose media and dextran media,

    Invented chromatographic purification extraction and electrophoretic extraction,

    the oldest and most Nobel Prize-winning university in Sweden)

    R & D strength

    An internationally renowned expert in protein separation and purification, an honorary retired professor at Uppsala University in Sweden, and a former chief scientist at GE Headlthcare in the United States.



    Nobel Prize laureate  

    The father of protein purification technology   

    Professor Janson's teacher  

    Professor Rainbow's teacher  



    Nobel Prize in Chemistry Prize in 1982

    For 12 years as Chairman of the Nobel Foundation

    For 12 years as Dean of the Karolinska Institute of Medicine

    Dean of the Bent Seychelles Institute of Life Sciences

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    1969 United States Louisa Gross Horwitz Award

    Winner of 2014 Chinese Academy of Sciences International Science and Technology Cooperation Award

    Winner of the 2015 Chinese Government Friendship Award

    Winner of the 2016 China International Science and Technology Cooperation Award

    Inventor of "Biohydrotrin" bio-influence preparation