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  • Shanghai Cachi New Energy New Technology co., ltd.

    Publish Time:2019-07-23


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    Shanghai Cachi New Energy New Technology co., ltd. was established by Sinozonsuo Environmental Protection Energy Saving Equipment Technology co., ltd. under Sinozonkai Investment co., ltd. and Zhejiang Cachi New Energy Technology co., ltd. with the aim of combining the technological advantages of the two companies and using solar heteromorphic heat utilization system and high-tech graphene-modified materials to create market-oriented products with high cost performance and high efficiency, such as heat pump system, heating and ventilation equipment, energy saving equipment, refrigeration equipment, water treatment equipment, air purification equipment, solar photovoltaic equipment, etc.


    Solar heteromorphic heat utilization system


    System characteristics


    High Efficiency Principle of Solar Heteropoly System-Negative Energy Field Technology


    Solar heteromorphic heat utilization system is the future development direction of solar energy utilization technology. It starts from the study of the energy characteristics of solar energy itself, and combines the complex reactions of air, dust and water vapor in the atmosphere during the radiation process of the earth, the transformation of heat current-carrying modes in cloud and rainy days, and the diversified carrier absorption characteristics of energy up to 8.5*1013kw finally radiated to the earth. A scientific utilization system corresponding to the solar energy recovery process has been developed. The system has passed the severe environmental test of -30℃~45℃ in many years of practical use and achieved an average annual energy saving of 80%, an ideal heat absorption effect of -30℃ and a leading index of an annual average C0P of 5, realizing the goal of good application of new energy in the fields of hot water, heat supply, drying, industrialization and other disciplines such as ecological agriculture and ecological architecture.




    In the process of absorbing heat under the sun, the ordinary solar collectors dissipate heat as well, thus its utilization rate of heat absorption is far lower than that of heteromorphic products. 

    During the heat absorption process of the solar heteromorphic heat collecting plate, heat is continuously transferred from the heat collecting plate to the heat storage layer through the circulation of the working medium. Due to the huge negative energy length formed around the heat collecting plate, the heat around the plate is continuously collected to the plate surface and absorbed into the working medium, thus ensuring the efficient operation of the system no matter there is sunshine or not.

    Negative energy field: A continuous and reasonable negative energy field and a smooth thermal path have been formed.